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 Extended Life Processors and Peripherals   - The company has established a World-Class Reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing pin compatible integrated circuits to replace those that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer.  Replacement ICs are form, fit, and function, below are some examples; other ICs are also available. 
Intel® examples include:  80C186/188EB, 80L188EB, 80C186/188XL, 82527 Serial Communications Controller (CAN Controller)
AMD® examples include: 186/188ES and 186/188EM

Industrial Networking Solutions - Real-Time Industrial Ethernet semiconductor solutions for Profinet and EtherNet/IP.  Based on the Innovasic fido1100 communications controller chip, these complete embedded networking solutions include all software, stacks, and a production ready "drop-in" reference design to accelerate your product development and provide the lowest recurring production cost. Plug-in modules are available for the fastest time to market. The embedded designs allow a very easy transition to the lowest bill of materials cost.